Tri-Tech Holding was founded in 2009
  Tri-Tech Holding went public with an IPO on NASDAQ
  A wholly-owned subsidiary Tri-Tech Infrastructure, LLC was established in United States engage in
    introduction of new technologies, products and local application
  Tri-Tech Infrastructure (India) Private Limited was founded comprehensively pursue businesses associated
     with wastewater treatment and environment improvement in India
  Acquired BSST and expanded business in industrial safety and pollution control
  Engaged Friedman LLP assist Tri-Tech implementing SOX 404 internal control compliance program
  Acquire Majority Stake in Yuanjie Water and diversify in building water system integration and water
     treatment equipment systems segments
  Acquisition of J&Y International, Wisconsin,USA , diversify in desalination , recycled water reuse , wastewater
  Build and Transfer Project of lad Banner Drinking Water Treatment Plant Construction for City of Ordos in
     Inner Mongolia Aunomous Region, project will biggest drinking water treatment plant which
     uses technology of dual membrance a combination of (ultra-filtration and nanofiltration membrances)
  Awarded three sewerage collection system and sewerage treatment plants for Hajipur wn, gusarai wn
     and Buxar wn in state of Bihar, Republic of India
  Provided QAPCO a multi-effect desalination unit with ily processing capacity of 240 m³/y in Doha,Qatar
  Participated in National Non-Structural of Flash Flood Disaster Prevention Projects (Country Level), providing
     system design, equipment procurement and project implementation for nearly 70 countries across 21
     provinces, municipalities and aumous regions. stable and matured proprietary flash flood forecasting
     system and integrated field moniring devices are highly commended by cusmers.
  Beijing Satellite Science & Technology Co. was founded in 1994
  Tranhold Automation Co. was founded in 1995
  Awarded Patent Certificate of Aumatic Moniring Control for Real-Time Hydrology Information & Disaster
    Pre-Alert and Alarm System issued by SIPO, Awarded Software Enterprise Cognizance Certificate by
    ijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and many or certificates
  Participated in National Command System of Flood Control and Drought Relief project,
    awardedhydrologicalsub-centers projects in Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hei, Anhui and Guizhou provinces,
    Drought Sub-Centersprojects in Anhui, Fujian, Quanzhou, Hei
  Yanyu Water Technology Co. was founded in 2002
  Tranhold Environmental Technology Co. in 2003
  Tri-Tech International Investment Co. was founded in 2005
  Tri-Tech (Beijing) Co. was founded in 2006
  Contracted build meteorological advisory system for sudden onset geological disasters in ijing area for
     2008 Olympics
  Participated in survey and assessment, pollutants reduction management, carbon trading platform and
     information management construction for watershed pollution control plan proposed by Ministry of
     Environmental Protection
  Awarded water supply computer aided dispatch system project for Jinan Water Supply Group Co.
  Contracted construct SINOPEC chloromethane tail gas oxidization and control system, an environmental
     project given priority for 2008 Olympics
  Signed SCA system for  Sichuan tianchi natural gas exploration, srage and transmission
     (World Bank financial Project)