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Company Employment Concept

Tri-Tech adheres to the people-oriented and morality first employment concept. Collaborative development for employees and company is the primary goal of employee management of the company. Tri-Tech respects every employee and encourages self-directed learning and creates learning opportunities for employees. To improve our core competition, we encourage our employees to learn from the work and to improve capability individually as well as collaboratively. Tri-Tech establishes effective incentive systems to inspire employees’ enthusiasm to achieve self-worth.


Career Opportunities

Job Description:
Stationed at the site of the company’s India project and act as an employer’s on-site representative,the Project Manager is responsible for construction of sewage treatment plant and sewage collection system in India, The accountabilities include but not limited to:   Supervise and inspect schedule, quality and safety measures of the construction
   Purchase and inspect construction materials, responsible for procurement and acceptance inspection of

      electromechanical equipment for sewage treatment
   Responsible for checking and approveinge of construction quantities and handleinge with visa applications
   Periodically report the implementation of project to directors

   A recognized bachelor degree or above in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Municipal Engineering and

      Environmental Engineering etc.
  Over three years of working experience in leading and participating construction project of urban sewage

      treatment plant and sewage collection system, similar oversea project experience is preferred
  Good understanding of job specifications in civil works and pipe laying, possess basic knowledge of construction project budget, construction materials, sewage treatment equipment and installation of electromechanical equipment
  Good spoken, reading and writing skills in English language, CET-4 or qualifications above is preferred
  Good at communication and coordination, good team collaboration and hard-working attitude
  In good physical condition 
and availability to frequent travelling
Job Description
  Responsible for field project management, organization and coordination of project construction as well as

      maintenance of customer relations;
  Responsible for detailed
 design of security monitoring systems, develop solutions as requirements by       customers and third parties such as design firms and management agencies
  Responsible for design and drawing of floor plan, system diagram, flow chart for equipment installation,

      system configuration table, system wiring lists and function table and responsible for drafting construction
  Responsible for testing security monitoring system and troubleshooting 

  Provide technical guidance to technicians of field installation

  A recognized bachelor degree or above in Computer Science, Communications, Electronic and Automation

  Over five years working experience in security monitoring industry. Good master of national standards of

      security monitoring products such as matrix, cabling system and CCTV monitor and commonly used brands,
      extensive experience in installation and application of security monitoring equipment
  Good at writing, communication, negotiation and have good international relations
  Strong learning curve,highly adaptable, dependable,collaborative 
collaborative and highly accountable
   Efficient with understanding in English
  Efficient with
mapping software such as AutoCAD and office software Auto Regulation Engineer
Job Description
   Participate on the project design report
  Participate on the project technical development, installation, commissioning, and organizing the production,

      packaging, and complete factory acceptance
  Participate in the on-site commissioning and complete the on-site inspection.
  To complete the related design of the project, the design of electrical wiring design, production, packaging,

      equipment installation and electrical testing, etc.;
  Involved the production of the equipment, facilities maintenance and repair
  Participate the user technical training
  Participate the project related technical documentation, archiving and software refining to increase the

      multiplexing density
  Complete the daily work, the design, configuration and on-site services of the systems of DCS \ ESD and

      EICS and etc.
  Support engineering and technical director to do the technical work
  Support engineering and technical director to do the maintenance job
  Participate the innovation of new products, new technology
  Taking the direct responsibility of company internal control system, quality assurance system
  Projects authorized by director of engineering
  Inspection of purchasing and delivery according to the company internal control system and quality

assurance system
  Execute the work authorized by people above director and project manager level

  Undergraduate education, major in communications, automation and computer-related.
  Three years or above related industries and engineering experiences. Be able to use English to

    communicate and prepare the documentation. Familiar with Yokogawa, ABB products, with the configuration
      design capacity.
  Be able to travel.
  Mainly engaged to the weak electricity related work;
  Participate project design report;
  Participate weak electricity project development, installation, adjust, organize production, packaging,

transportation and complete factory acceptance.
  Participate in the project (overseas project) on-site commissioning and complete the on-site inspection

Job Description
  Undergraduate education and above, major in communication and IT or related.
  3 years or above working experiences in petroleum or petrochemical industries and engineering support

     experience. Involved in a major weak electricity project at least once.
  Good understanding 
of petroleum and petrochemical industry, including PAGA, PABX, FOTE, CCTV, perimeter guard.  Etc.
  English Band 4 for above, be able to read the manual instruction, be able to do the overseas trip. Overseas

     project experiences are preferred.