Project: Industrial Ethernet Project for Puguang Gas Field /Digital Colony Emergency Dispatching System of Puguang Gas Field

Client: SINOPEC, Project Department of Puguang Gas Field of Zhongyuan Oil Field

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement and Technical Services
The industrial Ethernet transmission system used for gas ground gathering and transport automation of the gas filed exploration is to ensure the network connection between central control room and 49 optical communication stations including central control room, 17 gas gathering stations, wastewater stations and 30 valve chambers. The equipment for the system is all 1000M special equipment for SCADA system data transmission of the industrial Ethernet. Combination of cable network and wireless network are applied, the redundant structure of industrial Ethernet is applied for the cable network and wireless network is used for standby channel of the cable network. The core equipment of industrial Ethernet is industrial switch, industrial router and network security equipment.

The digital colony wireless base station covers production management center, fire station, area with capacity of 12 billion cubic meters including 17 stations and plants, gas purification plant, EPZ security area within 2 kilometers around the gathering and transport pipeline and operation area nearby. 520 hand-held terminals, 30 vehicle radios and 258 fixed radios are controlled under the digital colony system. Six base stations supports wireless communications, one 4-set-frequency base station located nearby gas purification plant and five 2-set-frequency base station scattered into area of gas ground gathering and transport.
Project: Communications System for Ordos Xinsheng Natural Gas Su-Dong-Zhun (Changqing-Ordos) Pipeline

Client: Ordos Xinsheng Natural Gas Development Co., Ltd.

Description: System Design,Equipment Procurement,Equipment Installation,Technical and Training,
The Su-Dong-Zhun (Changqing- Odors) pipeline project starts from the initial station near the Sulige No.3 process plant to LNG process plant in Hangjing Banner via Sishililiang pigging station. The main pipeline is divided two lines at the Erzihao pigging station, one extends to terminal station of Dalad Banner and the other extends to the terminal station of Dalu. 9 RTU valve chambers were built along the pipelines. The pipelines total 380 kilometers, one substation and one scheduling center were built near Dongsheng.

The project uses optical transmission and industrial Ethernet switch and GYTA53-12BI optical cable is laid in same ditch with pipeline, which constitute internal private communication network for gas pipeline project. Industrial TV monitoring system, amplified alarm system, GPRS alternate communication system, perimeter protection system and voice soft switch system constitute a complete pipeline communication system. Voice, data and image can be transmitted to scheduling center via optical fiber communication.
Project: Petro China Company Limited - Tibet Gas Station Monitoring & Control System

Client: Tibet Sales Branch, Petro China Company Limited

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement and Construction Supervision
With headquarter based in Lhasa, Tibet Sales Branch has 8 regional companies, 2 special LPG and lubricating oil sales companies. It has 12 oil repositories, 1 LPG repository, 112 gas stations, the total storage capacity is 210,000 m3.Sales networks spread over the Tibet region, Northwest China and Southwest China, covering over 2 million square kilometers.

In 2009,the company was responsible for the video surveillance system installation and the commissioning works for the project. The project involves video surveillance system of 94 stations for Lhasa, Nagqu, Qamdo, Nyingchi, Ali and the other counties.
Project: Sinopec Shandong Rizhao Lanqiao Asphalt Project - Industrial TV Monitoring and Scheduling Phone System

Client: Rizhao Lanqiao Port Petrochemical Co.

Service: equipment procurement, construction Supervision
The factory area of Lanqiao petrochemical company is located in Rizhao Industrial Park, covering about 100,000 square meters, with a total planned crude oil processing capacity for 10 million tons/year in three phases. 2 million tons for Phase One, 5 million tons for Phase two, 10 million tons for Phase Three.

Using industrial television monitoring and scheduling phone in the whole plant to build security and production scheduling system, it can achieve production status real-time monitoring and daily production scheduling.
Project: Sinopec Corp.-VOC Control System for The Rubber Plant of Yanshan Petrochemical company

Client: SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement, System Integration, System Maintenance
The Rubber Plant of Yanshan Petrochemical Co. was the only plant in China producing butyl rubber that fell short of meeting demand. In 2007, the plant began expanding its productivity to 45,000 tons a year. In order to help the plant meet air quality standards, we implemented a tertiary treatment process of thermal oxidization, quenching and a vertical chemical scrubber for controlling the tail gas. VOCs such as methyl chloride are a bi-product of butyl rubber production and are harmful to the air and the environment. With the engineering of RTO, sharp quenching and use if a vertical chemical scrubber, we contracted to complete the control of methyl chloride for 1,400m3/hl and VOC in 2008 in time for the Olympic Games. We provided technical services, system design and equipment supply.
Project: Tail Gas Control System of EVA Renovation Project

Client: Beijing Huamei Polymer Co.,Ltd.

Service: System Design, Equipment Supply, System Integration, Engineering Service
The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Renovation Project of Huamei Polymer Co., Ltd. was done at the No. 1 chemical factory of Yanshan Petrochemical Co. A large number of volatile vinyl organic compounds are produced in the annual EVA production of 60,000 tons, which causes serious damage to the environment. We set up a three-cavity RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation) system that produces a VOC treatment rate of 99% and treatment volume of 333,000 cubic meters per hour. Due to extensive dust in the tail gas, this system employed an integrated pulsing bag-type dust remover to collect dust and can automatically adjust air proportion and fuel gas consumption according to oxidizing temperature to reducing energy consumption, the project has lower equipment investment and operating cost.
Project: Odor Control System of Wastewater Treatment Plant for Jinxi Petrochemical Co.

Client: Jinxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of China National Petroleum Corporation

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement, System Integration, Engineering Service and Installation
For this project, we use a purification process involving gas and oil separation, a biological pre-scrubber and biofiltration, which is efficient in odor control and has a low running cost. The equipment occupies a small area and is automatically controlled. The system was specifically designed for Jinxi Petrochemical’s wastewater processing to deal with noxious gases that are volatilized and produced in the primary, anoxic and sludge disposal phases of wastewater treatment.The odor control system provides collective scrubbing of the pollutant gases produced in the wastewater treatment process. The introduction of our system resolved problems of poisonous odor diffusion that was harmful to workers’ health and their living environment. The wastewater treatment center handles industrial wastewater and commercial sewage and has a daily capacity of 1000 cubic meters which contains poisonous volatile organisms that produce pollutant gas during the treatment process.