Project : Three Sewerage Collection System and Sewerage Treatment Plants for Hajipur wn, gusarai wn and Buxar wn in State of Bihar, Republic of India

Client: Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (BUIDCo)

Services: Equipment supply, system design and construction, operation and maintenance
Hajipur, gusarai and Buxar, wns of State of Bihar in Norast of India, are situated along Ganga River. According a census in 2001, three wns had a tal population of approximately 300,000 and households of 43,000. three wns have no access any sewerage systems at present.

Tri-Tech will develop, design, construct, operate and maintain three sewage treatment plants for three wns. proposed ily treatment capacity will at 22,000 cubic meters for Hajipur, 17,000 cubic meters for gusarai, and 16,000 cubic meters for Buxar, respectively. treated effluent quality will comply with Indian effluent stanrds for discharge in inland water bodies as per National River Conservation Direcrate (NRCD) and Environmental Protection Rules 1986 for disposal in inland surface water. Tri-Tech will also build a complete sewerage collection system covering each wn, sewerage network including trunk and branch pipes will stretch at lengths of 372 kilometers, 182 kilometers and 175 kilometers respectively over three wns.
Project: Supply of Seawater Desalination Unit for QAPCO in Doha, Qatar

Client: Utility Plant of Qatar Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement, Operation and Performance Testing, and Technical Trai
As a country with biggest GDP per capita in world, Qatar is abunnt with oil and natural gas. But Qatar has no natural waterways and scarcity in fresh water, so almost all potable water and industrial processing water is desalted seawater.

We will provide a Multiple Effect rmo-compression (MED-TC) desalination unit QAPCO. design capacity will 240 cubic meters per hour (or 5,760 cubic meters per y). unit will fully aumated require minimal operar attention and will operate efficiently at low temperatures reduce scaling. work scope of us covers design, engineering, fabrication, commissio, performance testing and on-site trai for QAPCO’s technical personnel. We expect deliver desalination unit by Novemr 2012.
Project: Water Treatment System Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge at Jasper wn, Ontario in Cana

Client: Jasper Park Lodge of Oxford Properties Inc.,

Services: equipment procurement, startup and commissio, providing trai and technical support
Canadian Government has passed legislation imposing a stricter stanrd on drinking water treatment over years. stanrd inspection on quality of drinking water in hotels and lodges is administered by Health Authorities in different provinces cause many hotels and lodges located in remote areas get ir water supplies from lakes and streams.

Built in 1925, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, located in Jasper National Park, Jasper wn, Alrta of Cana, has 400 rooms with an area of 700 acres. Surrounded by autiful natural landscape, lodge is a favorite of guests on vacation and attracts a constant stream of visirs. lodge is operated and managed by Oxford Properties Inc.,

Tri-Tech U.S. will provide a water treatment system consisting of two trains of ultrafiltration (UF) modules, each of which is capable of producing 2,160 m3 of treated water per y. One system will capable of operating at its full capacity requirement while or comes available as a standby after maintenance.
Project : ZLD Project for Canadian paper mill

Client: AV Cell Group

Services: System Design, Supply, Installation and Debugging
AV Cell is a large pulp enterprise group of Canadian. One of its pulp mills is located in Atholville, New Brunswick, Cana. producing process of this mill is sulfate pulping. black liquor generated in pulping process contains a lot of suspended solids, organic pollutants and xic substances. environmental regulations prohibited discharge of waste water in surrounding environment.

In 2008, Tri-Tech received a contract for evaporation of black liquid. Our solution is Mechanical Vapor Compression&msh;Horizontal Spraying Film Evaporation(MVC-HSFE). design treatment capacity is 6800m³/d. feed TDS is about 18%. After ing treated, TDS of brine is about 54%. distillate was produced with less than 30 ppm tal dissolved salts and this was used as make-up water.
Project : DCS/ESD system project of PAB Natural Gas Purification Plant

Client: Indonesia Branch of CNOOC

Services: Equipment Procurement, Project Sub-contract, Software Development and Technical Trai
natural gas treatment plant project of Indonesia branch of CNOOC was built transport natural gas from Zel and Banuwati gas fields in north of Djakarta natural gas process plant in Palokan and transport natural gas after processed gas metering station in JAVA island and n transport it power generation plant in Banten Bay by long-distance pipelines.

Tri-Tech successively built controlling system for GMS and PBA in year 2005. project including DCS, ESD and FGS, which realized full moniring of processes of natural gas purification, metering, transport and dispatch.
Project: EPC for Aumation Communication Security System of Surface Garing Project of Niger AGADEM Oilfield.

Client: China National Petroleum Corporation, Niger Branch

Service: System Design, Equipment Procurement, Equipment Installation, Technical Trai
AGADEM Oilfield located in souast of Diffa province of Niger, tal area of this block is less than 28,000 km2 . explored oil reserve is 324 million barrels, and it is build an oil refinery with processing capacity of 1 million ns crude oil per year and a 2,000-kilometer oil pipeline.

whole aumation system of surface garing includes SCA system and DCS system, responsible for accomplishing real time moniring of wellhead、FPF of metering station. communication system includes PABX、OTN、PAGA、CCTV and perimeter precaution system of whole campsite, accomplishing real time moniring and safety precaution for whole operating areas and living quarters of whole oilfield.