The force circulation crystallization system with mechanical vapor compressor can take full advantage of vapor’s latent heat to minimize energy consumption.

Concentrated brine is pumped through the shell-and-tube heat exchanger where it is heated to the temperature above the normal boiling point. Boiling of the brine in the heat exchanger is suppressed due to sufficient static head; this can avoid scale formation on the heat transfer surface.

Heated brine enters the flash tank at a lower pressure and a lot of flash vapor is produced. Brine is concentrated to the supersaturated state and salt crystal is formed.

Most of the concentrated brine in the flash tank is returned to shell-and-tube heat exchanger via recirculation pump. Slurry is discharged from the crystallizer to filter press or centrifuge, which separates out the salt crystals.

The high quality condensed water can be reused in some industrial process, and salt solids can be used as chemical raw materials or as a solid waste landfilled.