Odor Control

The BF series bio-filtration odor control system and thermal oxidation systems are the key technologies of odor control solution.
BF series bio-filtration odor control system consists of four parts as follow:

Collection and Conveying
This part consists of capped tanks subsystem, pipeline subsystem, fan and exhaust funnel. The gas will be collected and delivered to pretreatment system and discharged into the atmosphere under negative pressure.

The part consists of humidifier, circulating pump, heater and thermostat. It will humidify and attemper the gas that does not meet the conditions of input temperature and moisture in the system. At the same time some water-soluble contaminants can be removed by washing.

Bio-filtration System
The part consists of bio-filter, bio-filtration material, micro-organisms and spraying system. The air pollutants in the biological filter will be oxidized and decomposed by microorganisms.

Measurement and Control
It consists of PLC controller, instrumentation, sensors and control cabinet. It can detect the temperature, pressure, flow, concentration, PH and humidity of whole system in real time and control the system operation and upload the data to CCR.
The solution is mainly applied in the fields such as municipal sewage, solid waste disposal, sewage pumping stations, petrochemical wastewater, leather dyeing, food processing, tobacco processing, plastic processing, livestock raising, paint spray and metallurgy manufacturing.