ZLD Solution

In recent years, membrane separation technology typically the reverse osmosis membrane has been widely used for the water treatment in petrochemical, coal chemical, thermal power industries, which greatly improved the efficiency and recycling of industrial processing water and wastewater treatment , however the high concentration wastewater produced during reverse osmosis has brought a new problem to companies in the field .The wastewater from circulating cooling system and Ion exchange regeneration of industrial companies is all high salinity wastewater. If the wastewater with high salinity is directly discharged , the wastewater would cause secondary pollution to the environment as the high salinity in the discharged wastewater will harm the ecological environment. In addition, straight emission of the high-salinity wastewater is also a sort of loss of water resources.

High-salinity and high-toxicity wastewater such as alkaline wastewater from petrochemical plants, high density wastewater from chemical synthesis pharmacy, wastewater from fuel gas desulfurization of thermal power plant, electroplating effluent, landfill leatchate and pulp black liquid produced in some industries is difficult to be degraded.

The ZLD technology of us provides an ultimate solution for the wastewater treatment. With the solution, the pollution problem will be settled thoroughly and water will be recycled and solid by-products will be recovered.

We can make unique ZLD solutions for different customers as their requirements and we ensure lead of our technology and stable operation.

Mechanical vapor compression evaporation concentration and crystallization is the key of Our ZLD technology. The technology can be also applied in seawater desalination and treatment of high concentration wastewater such as landfill leatchate, high salinity wastewater.

The industries the technology is primarily applied includes a oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, coal chemical, thermal power plants, pulp and paper, municipal, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and food processing etc.