Water& Rainfall Monitoring

With advanced technologies such as information monitoring, communications, networks, computers, we provide this solution for the fixed or floating stations to automatically acquire, transmit, process and report real-time data of rainfall, water level, runoff, sediment and sluice gate opening from basins, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, hydropower stations and irrigation areas. With this solution, the reporting parameters can be extended compatible with that of water quality, soil moisture, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure and temperature etc. even function of remote control for partial site elements. The solution aims to assist entities rapidly getting accurate information including water, rainfall, drought, meteorology in monitoring areas and forecasting timely, which offers basis of decision-making to flood forecast and dispatch in flood season and entire-year water resources dispatch, and offers credible materials to compilation of national hydrological data.

The solution system is composed of three subsystems: subsystem of hydrological testing facilities, hydrological communication subsystem; subsystem of hydrological central/subcentral stations.