Odor Control

The system applies biological filtration to decompose and degrade air pollutants. It’s an efficient product for odor control. This system can be operated in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It not only meet the odor control requirements of common municipal wastewater treatment plants but also the odor control requirements of industrial wastewater treatment and explosion-proof. Our products can effectively handle a variety of malodorous gases pollutants, the removal efficiency can reach and even exceed the required emission targets. The product is mature with simple structure and the system is reliable and cost-effective. We have independent intellectual property rights and obtained two national patents for the product.

The field the technology has been applied covers municipal sewage treatment, solid waste disposal, sewage pumping stations, petrochemical wastewater treatment, leather printing, paper pulp, food processing, tobacco processing, plastic processing, livestock raising, paint spraying and metallurgy manufacturing.