+ When was Tri-Tech founded?

 + Where are the Company's headquarters?

 + What does China’s water industry look like?

 + What industry is Tri-Tech in?

 + What services does Tri-Tech provide?

 + Where are Tri-Tech’s operations?

 + Does Tri-Tech have a strategy for improving its operation and efficiency?

 + Does Tri-Tech have plans to expand its operations?

 + What criteria does Tri-Tech use in considering acquisitions?

 + How many projects Tri-Tech has implemented?

 + How many employees does Tri-Tech have?

 + Does Tri-Tech pay dividends?

 + When do the Company fiscal quarters end?

 + How can I get a copy of the Company's financial statements?

 + How many basic shares are outstanding?

 + When did Tri-Tech complete its IPO and follow-on offering?

 + When is the annual meeting of stockholders?

 + Who is Tri-Tech’s outside legal counsel?

 + Who is Tri-Tech’s independent auditor?

 + Who should I contact regarding Investor Inquiries?

 + What is Tri-Tech’s press release announcement threshold?