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      Tri-Tech Holding Won Multiple Contracts in Second Quarter of 2013


      BEIJING, Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Tri-Tech Holding Inc. (Nasdaq: TRIT), which provides turn-key water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, industrial safety and pollution control solutions, announced today that it has secured multiple contracts during the second quarter of 2013 in all three reported business segments. The total value for the awarded contracts was approximately $6.48 million (RMB 40.1 million).

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      Reported Business Segment


      Services & Delivery


      Aggregate Value of Contracts

      Water Resource Management System & Engineering


      Design, System Integration, Equipment Sales.

      Delivery expected in Q3, 2013


      $1.16 million

      Water, Wastewater Treatment & Municipal Infrastructure


      Design, System Integration, Installation & Troubleshooting.

      Delivery expected in Q3, 2013


      $1.19 million

      Industrial Pollution Control and Safety


      Design, System Integration, Installation & Troubleshooting.

      Delivery expected in Q3 and Q4, 2013


      $4.13 million



      $6.48 million

      CFO Phil Fan commented, "The numbers reflect our cautious project selection: we avoided slow-paying, capital-intensive Municipal Water and Wastewater sector projects and potentially lucrative speculative agreements with unfavorable payment terms. We believe that the agreements we did sign, while not without risk, will build a foundation for steady performance. Being rigorous in project selection is our best defense against our cash flow pressures and China's mounting municipality debt issues. Moving forward, we will continue to seek projects that provide benefits for our company and shareholders without jeopardizing our business."